7 tips and tricks to Lose Weight

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Losing those last few kilos is such a challenge; and most often than not you tend to give up on diet plans, or find exercise routines so boring. And then you are stuck with those last few kilos that refuse to budge and tier around the waist that stays put despite everything. 


While nothing can really replace the beneficial effect of good diet and exercise regime, but if you are too lazy to keep that up, there are still things you can do to ensure that you lose weight and keep it at healthy levels. Here are 6 rules to follow: 

  1. Do not miss breakfast; we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So ensure that you eat healthy in the first meal of your day by focussing proteins, cereals, and some fat. Do add some oats of quinoa as they are high fibre and keep you full longer.  Missing breakfast means you end up eating heavier during lunch and dinner. You are also hit with midday cravings. 
  2. Avoid large meals; Instead of having a large lunch or dinner, it’s better to have several small meals a day. When you eat five to six small healthy meals, your body uses more calories to break down the food, which raises you metabolism. This also helps you lose weight better. 
  3. Do not eat after 9 pm; if you eat late then it gets hard for your body to digest. Also it raises your body temperature, blood sugar levels, and insulin. All these make it harder to lose weight. In fact eating late regularly can lead to belly fat, shows research. Eat at least three hours before you go to bed, and try to finish dinner by 8pm. 
  4. Do not cut out fat; as fat is important for keeping our joints well lubricated, and skin and muscles healthy. Simply switch to lighter, healthier oils which are easy for the body to absorb and break down, advices Kumar. 
  5. Do not eliminate, eat moderate; it’s alright to enjoy every food group you like. Just ensure that you do not over indulge. Eat enough to satisfy your need. Eat slowly to allow your body the time to absorb everything that way you will feel full with less. 
  6. Create a calorie deficit; eat a little less than you need. Eat till just about you feel full. Do not stuff yourself. Fill yourself with some water or juice or soup before you begin your meal. That way you will eat less yet fill full faster without really harming your body. 
  7. Include daily cardio; you don’t really have to hit the gym, just ensure that you spend at least 30 minutes daily doing some cardio activity to burn some calories. It can be walking at moderate speed, dancing, swimming, cycling, or even climbing the stairs a few times. Just get your heart rate up. Start and finish off with some yoga stretches. 


Author: Priyanka Bhattacharya


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